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1. The circumference of 3.5 inch tubing is nearly the exact same size as the perimeter of the square shaped inlet of the factory Cummins 5.9L intake plate. In simple terms, when we form the outlet end of the 3.5 inch MEGA Intake Manifold to mate with the flange, it fits perfectly to the intake plate. Thus our 3.5 inch Mega Intake System provides the maximum laminar flow you can achieve without machining off the side of your head.

2. 3.5 inch 16 gauge tubing offers a 37.75% increase in cross-sectional area over 3 inch 16 gauge tubing while only increasing the internal surface area by 17.36%.

3. All 2nd Gen 12v and 24v trucks have a 3.5" diameter inter-cooler inlet/outlet and most aftermarket inter-cooler inlet/outlets are 3.5 inch diameter. On these trucks in stock form, the 3 inch post inter-cooler tubing is actually restricting the air flow coming out of the inter-cooler.

3.5 We offer a complete intake system; manifold, driver-side intercooler tube, boots, clamps, and hardware at nearly the cost of some 3 inch intake manifolds alone. Some say that should be reason number 1.

What does this all really mean to your engine?
We flow bench tested our complete 3.5 inch Mega Intake System against the factory 3 inch intake manifold and passenger side intercooler tube. The results (see bar graph above) showed a massive 55.75% increase in flow rate while testing the 3.5 inch Mega Intake System under the exact input pressure as the factory 3 inch intake manifold and passenger side intercooler tube.