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“… one of the few upgrades I've done where I felt the change immediately.”
George B, TX – Pre & Post Intercooler Intake System

The truck accelerates much quicker and builds boost much quicker now all while keeping EGTs low.
Kevin V, NJ – Pusher 3.5" MEGA Intake System with Passenger-side Intercooler Tube

I noticed faster spooling, louder turbo, and better fuel mileage.
Corey K, MN – Pusher 3.5" MEGA Intake System with Passenger-side Intercooler Tube

“Before my intake temps were around 120-140 with the EGR closed. Now it's rare for them to be over 100 degrees.”
Austin T, FL – Pusher Heater Grid Delete

“I have had Pusher’s compound turbo system on my 1997 12-valve Cummins for 30,000 miles now and it has performed outstanding. This truck is my daily driver and I love it even more with your compounds. It easily builds over 60 lbs boost in seconds and I have literally had not one problem with any component in the system since my original install. Everything, especially the powder coated parts, are still as beautiful to look at today as they were the day I first pulled them out of the shipping boxes."
Steve K, CA – Pusher Low Mount Compound Turbo System


“The directions were easy to understand and the fit was perfect.”
Brad R, OR Pusher 3.5" MEGA Intake Manifold

“Install was spot on.”
Anthony F, NC – Pusher SuperMax Intake System

“The install can be performed by people of all skill ranges; it is very simple.”
Hunter C, AR – Pusher Max 3" Driver-side Charge Tube

“The instructions were perfectly clear and easy to understand.”
Brett, TX Pusher 3.5" MEGA Intake Manifold


“… fits perfectly, better than block off plates on the original intake, obvious time taken in design, simple and effective.”
Tom D, AZ Pusher Lo-Pro Plus EGR Bypass

“Perfect design and heavy duty components.”
Scott M, CAN Pusher High Mount Compound Turbo System

“The tubing is very solid with clean welds and the powder coating is perfect.”
Austin E, TX – Pusher 3.5" MEGA Intake System with Cross-Air

“… very well made and a simple no-nonsense design.”
Pat, CA – Pusher Intake Manifold


“The person on the phone (at Pusher) apologized for the other company’s mistake and said he would take care of me. He was not kidding the part arrived early and fit perfectly.”
Bill W, CT – Pusher Intake Manifold

“Fast shipping. Friendly service. … a very helpful fellow on the phone when I placed the order.”
John T, OK – Pusher Heater Grid Delete

“… professional and reliable service by their staff and fast delivery of each order placed.”
Pela Motorsports, FL Pusher Max HD Charge Tube

“When I called, Jon was very helpful and informative about what to do.”
Benjamin G, CO – Pusher High Mount Compound Turbo System

“Jacob at Pusher is very knowledgeable and was a huge help just by the use of a few phone pictures emailed to him.”
Jordan, IN – Pusher High Mount Compound Turbo System